Best free share market course 2024

Best free share market course, playlist in Youtube 2024

If we talk about the best YouTube playlist which is completely free of cost and where you can learn the stock market from beginners to advanced level.

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1. Pushkar Raj Thakur

  • The first number is Pushkar Raj Thakur. Stock Market Crash Course, so inside it you can’t see that a total of 23 videos have been included here.
  • Now more than 15,00,000 views have come and there are many amazing videos here, so if anyone is a beginner here, he can consider this playlist here.

2. Tanmay Bhat

  • This playlist has more than 200 videos inside it. The entire playlist has received over 17,00,000 views here. Inside this, you will get their old videos and new videos of very similar types of content, in which you will get to learn training and you will also get to learn investment. You will also get information related to mutual funds etc.
  • Along with this, recently he has prepared a course on future options, etc., and along with Ghanshyam Sir, he has also prepared a course on the basic strategy of Bank Nifty. There are seven videos inside which you can check out here.
  • This number went to this, I would like to include here that after training Tanmay Bhatt in basic of stock, he has made a playlist here. There are 10 videos inside it. It has more than 5,00,000 views.

3. Asset yogi

  • He has explained the concepts of training here in a very simplified manner. The playlist is from Asset Yogi, so you are going to get the Master Investors Series here, so basically they have fundamentals, Alice, technical lines, its basics, etc., the basics of the stock market, etc. that you can read about the balance sheet.
  • How to study etc. What are penal accounts? Demat account? what happens? GDP to the ratio? Meaning, that whatever ratios etc. are there, everything has been explained in a very simplified manner.

4. Pranjal karma

  • The next playlist we add is Stock Market Class by Pranjal Kamra with more than 23 videos. There are more than 60,00,000 views inside this, there are some old videos here but all the videos here are relevant.
  • So if anyone here is starting their journey in the stock market then definitely through these 23 videos.

5. Prasad Lendwe -Finnovationz

  • Prasad Lendwe -Finnovationz playlist, He is also a very good YouTuber. On top of Fit Tank, they also have a basic course for the stock market.
  • Have made a playlist. There are seven videos with more than 2,00,000 views. You won’t find many videos but it is helpful for business people.

6. Vivek Bajaj

  • The next guy’s playlist is of Vivek Bajaj Sir, who has made a Learn to Invest free stock investing course. They have built on both investing and training, so inside one there are 15 videos, and inside the other, there are 50 videos. Both are amazing playlists here.
  • So if you just want to learn investing then you can consider this playlist. But if you want to learn training, what are chart patterns, etc.? All those things you can learn the entire playlist inside.

7. CA Rachana Ranade

  • The next playlist is by CA Rachna Rani where you will get the basics of the stock market. The videos started inside it are in Hindi, but in the rest of the videos, you are going to get in English, etc., so inside this also you will get to see the basic things of the stock market.

  • He is a teacher who is a very well-known name in the stock market. We know him and his course is also very good. All three of his courses are very good. Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Top Market. In those days, I tell you first. This is the best course in this community if a person is completely new to the stock market.

  • The stock market will remain the same, I started from here, I understood everything, and I will apply the best but technical analysis can’t be said to be very good, so this is a very good course for business. Try it if necessary.

8. Mindyourinvestment

  • The next playlist is FromyourInvestment they took a special on only the fundamental analysis of stocks, how do they do it for anyone? How should you do your research? All that about stocks has been explained here.
  • What is a balance sheet and what are ratios etc.? So how do you arrive at this valuation? How does Steve figure out the stock? So you are going to find all these things here inside these playlists.
  • The next playlist is obviously about technical analysts. Along with fundamentals, technical aspects of a stock are also very important and

9. DR. Mukul Agrawal

  • This playlist is based on Dr. Mukul Aggarwal, who is a leading YouTuber, you can also watch his videos, etc. in the fan tech space playlist.
  • There are more than 73 videos in it and there are the latest updated videos etc. in it, you can consider this playlist for technical analysts.

10. Marketfeed by Sharique Samsudheen

The next playlist for this is marketed by Sharique Samsudheen.

  • If you don’t understand hind playlist, you are from South Side, etc. If you want videos specifically in English, then you can consider this playlist here, for which all the information from A to Z about the stock market is given in English.

Official website

11. Fin Baba(share market)

  • The next playlist is a little old. There is a YouTube channel by Fin Baba, but the videos in the playlist you have inside it have been around for three to four years.
  • But these videos are amazing. There are more than 56 videos and you get to understand the complete basic concepts here.


Some YouTube playlists offer free share market courses, covering topics from beginners to advanced levels. These playlists include videos from various YouTubers such as Pushkar Raj Thakur, Tanmay Bhat, Asset Yogi, Pranjal Kamra, Prasad Lendwe, Vivek Bajaj, CA Rachna Ranade, Mindyourinvestment, Dr. Mukul Agrawal, Marketfeed by Sharique Samsudheen, and Fin Baba.

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